What is CSS?

So what is CSS?
Put simply, CSS stands for “cascading style sheets”. Years ago, web designers used tables and static pages to produce websites. This was a long and labourious process which required many hours of work to update the most simple of changes to a site.

Nowadays, with the help of things like databases, server side includes and “style sheets”, massive changes in content and appearance can be achieved by simply updating one single source.

In our case, CSS is one simple style sheet which when altered updates the appearance of “potentially” every single page on our website.

Now, when asked “What is CSS?” the simple answer is that CSS defines how different HTML elements are displayed on a web page. You can apply styles to pretty much any HTML tag to alter color,size,position,background image and much more.

As a designer, CSS is your Lego building blocks to create your desired appearance on your website.

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