Top 10 CSS Design Resource Websites

1. W3C Schools

W3c schools is very basic but probably the best place for a complete novice to visit. A great feature on this website is when testing their code you have the ability to alter and play with the code to see how it changes the appearance of the webpage.

W3C Schools

2. Dynamic Drive

This website has been around since the dawn of time. A great resource for Javascript examples but also some brilliant CSS menus, layouts and other examples. A MUST HAVE CSS RESOURCE!

Dynamic Drive CSS

3. CSS Play

Stuart Nicholls is a CSS genius. His examples of CSS design are a fantastic inspiration to the CSS Design community. If you are a complete novice, do not try to replicate most his examples. You may feel a little bit overwhelmed by the sea of Styling code and Html tags which may have taken him hours on end to piece together. As a Novice just take a look at some the wonderful things Stuart has achieved by patiently coding his Html and stylesheets.

Pay Stuart a visit and enjoy his vast collection of CSS menus, layouts and animations.

CSS Play – Stuart Nicholls

4. Free CSS Menus

Wait a minute… That’s me. I won’t say too much, but this site has a great collection of CSS menus, buttons and website templates. Enjoy!

CSS Website Template Builder

5. CSS Tricks

Videos, tutorials… you name it. This website is a fantastic resource for learning some great CSS Tricks!

CSS Tricks

6. CSS Zen Garden

Great collection of CSS websites. The idea of this site is that designers download the html and css code of the Zen Garden and then come up with their own design/theme using the same code but altering the CSS. For a novice it’s just great to look at the possibilities of CSS in design.

CSS Zen Garden Web Templates

7. Max Design tutorials

Another resource that has been around along time. Some very easy to follow slide shows on the main home page and some brilliant tutorials to take you through CSS in relative calm.

Max Design

Book to Teach yourself CSS in 10 minutes:
Teach yourself CSS in 10 minutes

More Layouts…

8. CSS Basics

Easy to follow tutorials. Learning CSS has never been so easy!

Get the Basics

9. CSS Creme

A Wow guide to the possiblities with Style sheets. Designers have submitted their best creations and only the best get to be displayed. In short, this is a chance to peruse through the portfolios of only the best CSS has to offer.

CSS Creme

10. The Best CSS Designs

One of many websites which display only the best designed sites. Sites like these are important to give yourself some inspiration and also to see what the competition is up to.

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