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Author: Free CSS Menus: www.freecssmenus.co.uk

Description: Free rollover map of the United Kingdom. Use this smart css rollover on your own website so that visitors can quickly tell you where about in the UK they are from. This css effect is an illusion which could, potentially take any form of animation you wish. I use the word illusion because the brain immediately believes that something clever is going on.

With a little time and patience you could replicate this simple css rollover map, or you could just copy and paste these images and code.

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Tested Browsers: AOL 9, Firefox 3.0.1, Opera 9.10, IE 7

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Comment from: Niall

That should be Northern Ireland, dude.

Posted on: Saturday 22 Oct, 2011
Comment from: Jeorge Peter

Amazing! Its such a great thing to know that I can use css rollover to view the location wherever I wanted to look at my page where am I exactly located.

Posted on: Tuesday 22 Mar, 2011
Comment from: Uk Maps

Great UK map template. The colour purple looks quite funky over the United Kingdom!

Posted on: Tuesday 01 Jun, 2010
Comment from: Glenn

One of the things that frustrates me with these things is calculating the top/left coordinates. I do it through trial and error. Is there a way to do it more efficiently ?

By the way, to reduce some of the headaches of trying to duplicate hover effects in IE - use an XHTML strict doctype.

Posted on: Thursday 20 May, 2010
Comment from: John (webmaster)

The rollovers are basic hyperlinks, so once clicked can take you to any info page of your choice. If you want info on the uk to apper as a pop-up whilst hovering(mouseover)then I will have to spend a little time coding this for a future addition to the site.

Keep coming back to look!

Posted on: Monday 05 Apr, 2010
Comment from: TS

This is really a great effect, that I'd like to make use of. Is there anyway to make the areas that appears on rollover link to various other pages? (Like an info page on Wales, one on England, etc..) Thanks so much.

Posted on: Sunday 04 Apr, 2010
Comment from: John


This example is just using the html shown. The CSS code gives each part of the html some rules to follow. Each hyperlink has had its position, size and background image formatted to form part of the uk map. Finally we add a hover state in the CSS code which makes a new background image appear (when mouseover)to create an animation or hover effect

You MUST use all the CSS, Html and images to make the effect work.
Good Luck... John

Posted on: Wednesday 24 Mar, 2010
Comment from: Andy

Thanks for your reply - can you confirm that the only HTML required for this UK rollover map is just an hyperlink? Is your version using coordinates in an image map to determine which areas have clickthroughs?

Thanks again!

Posted on: Tuesday 23 Mar, 2010
Comment from: John

Just change the text-indent in the css code to something like: -999px. This should move the text off screen and out of eye shot.

Posted on: Monday 22 Mar, 2010
Comment from: Andy

This is just what I've been trying to do for ages! One quick question (I'm still fairly new to HTML/CSS) but when I view the HTML all I can see is the code for the <ul> (i.e. text next to the regions). I don't want text next to the regions on my version - therefore what is the HTML code for applying the CSS? Sorry and thanks!

Posted on: Monday 22 Mar, 2010
Comment from: Zhanna

Remarkable menu. Thank you!

Posted on: Tuesday 26 Jan, 2010
Comment from: Caroline Bishop

These examples go way beyond the tutorials at W3C schools. You have given me some great inspiration!

Many Thanks

Posted on: Friday 13 Nov, 2009
Comment from: Sam

Ive tried in both firefox and ie to no prevail. I've basically tried to add more regions to the map and i cant figure out how to code where they should display upon rollover, obviously once i get the original map to show first.

Posted on: Friday 16 Oct, 2009
Comment from: John

What browser are you trying to view the map in?

Posted on: Friday 09 Oct, 2009
Comment from: Sam

I have tried to use a variant of this map & code but i cannot get it to work even when using your code. For some reason the initial map does not display and the rollover images will not line up properly. For testing purposes i have told the html to draw its css by using this "<style type="text/css">@import url(css.txt);</style>" How did you figure out where the rollover images should display? How would i make the initial map show? Thanks

Posted on: Wednesday 07 Oct, 2009
Comment from: John

Fine piece of CSS.

Posted on: Tuesday 25 Nov, 2008
Comment from: Mark

This is a great CSS Rollover map! I thought that this kind of image rollover could only be produced using Flash, Javascript or Fireworks. I cant believe the html code is just hyperlinks! Great Script!

Posted on: Tuesday 25 Nov, 2008
Comment from: Ricardo

Nice effect! I'm trying to do something similar with css but for a world map. This is really helpfull though. Thanx

Posted on: Friday 14 Nov, 2008

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