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Posted: Sat 28 May, 2011

The free online web template builder is the only online web builder of its type. Apply color schemes; change container sizes and positions; add gradients; brighten up backdrops with a selection of great images and much, much, much more. If all this sounds a little time consuming then why not select a preset template and then edit it to suit your particular taste.

When I first started out in Web design I didnít appreciate that certain colours complement each other to produce a far more aesthetically pleasing website. I have added a color scheme tool to the "Online Website Template Builder" which has 40 complementary colours for you to pick. You donít have to think too hard about what colours go... you just click a button and there are you colours splashed across your customizable website template. I will soon be adding triadic colour schemes to the tool.

Currently, Free CSS Menus only has four website templates. This is because our main focus used to be website buttons and menus created using CSS. Our Online Website Builder is so versatile that in future, all of our templates will be built using this utility. The great idea behind this is, for the first time, users will be able to browse through loads of website templates and instead of picking the one they like and downloading it, they can pick a template and then use the Web Template Builder to edit areas which they would like to change before downloading. Simple!

If you think you have seen a utility on the net that already does this for free and doesnít require any signup or downloading any software then please let me know. Iíve not seen anything this powerful on the internet that is 100% open source with no gimmicks! Donít all thank me at once... its only taken me about 4-5 month of spare time to code this funky little piece of software... LOL!

My name is John Ryan. I am the designer coder at and I am the man responsible for the Online Website Template Creator. Why is it free? Along with all of the other utilities at freecssmenus, this online software is free because I want to build a reputation with visitors. I want everyone to be talking about how easy it is to use the software; how quickly great results can be achieved and most importantly, that you didnt have to pay a penny or sign up to any gimmicks. In short, I believe that an ever growing reputation will become more valuable than trying to make a quick buck out of everyone.

Take a look for yourself....
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